Training body and mind, 

self-confidence and discipline through Olympic style Taekwondo!

About Us


Master Mauricio Ramirez

Master Ramirez is the current Vice President for the California Unified TKD Association "CUTA". He is also the head coach for the Institution of Mexicans the Exterior "IME". Master Ramirez has produced International and National Champions in the USA and Mexico, including USA National Team Members. He has been teaching children, teens, and adults Martial arts in Ventura county since 1998. 


Master Taylor Ramirez

Master Taylor Ramirez is a world class athlete who has been competing since she was 3 years old. Miss Taylor is an 8x California State Champion, One time Mexico National Champion, Two Time United States National Champion and Former U.S.A. National team member.  She has won medals internationally including Korea, Israel, and Costa Rica.


Why does my child need Taekwondo?

  • Give your child an opportunity to learn self-defense and gain confidence through Olympic style Taekwondo. 
  • Taekwondo is not only about punching and kicking. It Strengthens the body and mind through physical excerices and mental training.
  •  We teach your children to be respectful and to have discipline at home and with their studies. 
  • Taekwondo is also a great way to build coordination, strength and conditioning for other sports.